1/11/02 Entry

Major DISTRO News.

We have started migrating to gcc-3, now that it seems to have matured a bit more. The old gcc-2.95.x releases and libraries, are still there, but the new, default compiler is gcc-3. We have done this for several reasons, the foremost of which, is that we would really like to keep compatibility with the other major distros. Many of which are already running gcc-3 builds.

This will not affect all major packages – it is being done strictly for compatibility and future-proofness.

Next, I’ve started pointing people here when they ask about the status of the distro, so I’ll try to keep this page updated a bit more often. I’ve also been making a few more changes around here… I hope to clean up and post a couple of tutorials on 3d, OpenGL, and Linux programming from things I wrote earlier. Don’t worry, this site will stay optimized for Lynx friends. 🙂

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