4/28/2003 Entry

Python really is a language that grows on you. Several months ok my general reaction to python was something along the lines of: indention based blocks? ick. And I refused to even take a look at it.
Then, I started working on a project where the easy integration of a scripting language was invaluable. Looking at all the various languages out there: perl, php, even some basic interpreters, I found python by far to be the easiest to integrate. My general idea was, the scripts don’t have to do anything advanced anyway. Now, after lots more work on same project, almost half of it has been written in python. (The other half is in straight C.)
Now, I’ve completed several midterm projects entirely in python(including a particularly nasty project in Statistics), and I have no doubt that several different aspects of python(functional programming lambda, nice statistics package, etc..) helped greatly.
The users on Freenode, #python where a great help, and the developers more than interested in listening. Keep up the great work guys. 🙂

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