Fun on a friday afternoon…

So, this Friday I went into surgery, for reasons I will not post publically. First, kudos to everyone at Lake Point Hospital, they were, quiet literally, great. Excepting the exhorbitant medical fees I’ll be paying, I couldn’t ask for better. After weeks of pain, I’m finally relieved that … there is no more pain, partly due to the large amounts of perscription pain pills floating around in my bloodstream.

So, to sum up: yay for perscription pain pills, yay for good doctors, and yay for an anesthesiologist that actually managed to put the right amount of juice in me to be knocked out for a surgery. (Unlike last time…..)

On the KDE front: KDE 3.4 packages are acomming! And will hopefully be done in time for the next release. This time I hope to actually have a patch against Kdemultimedia, so we can distribute noatun and friends legally (IE: without mpeg and mp3 support).

I’m also starting work on what I’m calling project Mini-Me linux. It’ll be based on conary, but diverge in a few key areas: 1. it’ll use uclibc and busybox for most of the utilities, 2. the init process will be very different. The main purpose of Mini-Me linux will be for a wireless router/access point/router/firewall. I’ve got the design mostly figured out, now I just need to execute!

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