1/11/02 Entry

Major DISTRO News.

We have started migrating to gcc-3, now that it seems to have matured a bit more. The old gcc-2.95.x releases and libraries, are still there, but the new, default compiler is gcc-3. We have done this for several reasons, the foremost of which, is that we would really like to keep compatibility with the other major distros. Many of which are already running gcc-3 builds.

This will not affect all major packages – it is being done strictly for compatibility and future-proofness.

Next, I’ve started pointing people here when they ask about the status of the distro, so I’ll try to keep this page updated a bit more often. I’ve also been making a few more changes around here… I hope to clean up and post a couple of tutorials on 3d, OpenGL, and Linux programming from things I wrote earlier. Don’t worry, this site will stay optimized for Lynx friends. ­čÖé

1/10/02 Entry

Wow. I’ve started getting emails/etc.. from people interested in the distro, mainly with the single question: WHERE IS IT? Just like that, the caps, bold – everything.

So here is a bit of a status update. HaX took a much needed vacation after I made him package GNOME – alone. His hair should start growing back pretty soon, and the doctors tell me the stroke did no permanent damage. While he was off, I did a foolish thing, and mangled just about all of base. Like I said before, it’s basically a completely new distro.

Some of my personal goals for this distro have changed. For one, I still want the end-user usability that would put Mandrake to shame – but unlike Mandrake, I would like to remain true to the sources that made Linux – and Unix – what they are in the first place.┬áSome Linux┬ádistributions seem to forget about the advanced end user’s expectations.┬áOthers┬áprovide administration utilties that carelessly write over hand edited configuration files. This has greatly changed my entire approach at packaging the base system, and that is what a lot of the “base” redo reflected. That said, there is no reason why such a base, developed correctly, can not be used to build something easy to use for the end user.

Currently, beta testing is open to advanced linux users only, advanced linux users being defined as people that don’t mind hand editing config files when things go wrong. As everything is still in development things WILL go wrong.

HaX is currently working on packaging a new X, and I am putting the finishing touches on base – and trying to get the REAL installer (Beta users currently use a make-shift temporary one) ready for Prime Time. ­čÖé

12/12/2001 Entry

Yet another day of mindless distro hacking. QT 3.0.1 was released today. Nifty. So far, LSB progressions have been pretty good, and QT 3.0.1 compiled without a hitch. Given the current status of KDE development, I’m going to start migrating all the packages to KDE-3. Now, the good news:┬áthe major portions of the base redo are done.┬áThis means that another beta is getting a lot closer.


Sometime past 11:00

DO NOT EAT AT MCDONALD’S. They are the Satan of this world. Part of the great head of evil. Yes fokes, today I have experienced the wonders of the Big XTra, little did I know that the Extra was a wonderful bit of food poisoning. Having had all sorts of nasty stuff in the past, I think that this is the worst I have ever felt, in my life ever. There is no escaping from the pain that is the golden arches – in either end. Now, excuse me as I puke up my guts, again.

12/11/2001 Entry

Redid this page today. I’ve kept it optimized for us Lynx friends, so don’t complain to me about the lack of pretty graphics, crappy banner ads, and overuse of images. Before this page was a minimal mirror of golgotha source code, textures, music, and not much else. I’ll be posting relevant public updates to the distribution stuff I’m working on here. (Status and such) If you’d like to help – give me a line, my mail is at the bottom of this page. Any major distribution developments that I’m responsible for, and are public info will be posted here. ­čÖé