Good riddance…

… to school and all that. I’m finished for the semester and summer is here! Which means….. more time hacking on Specifix!

In any case, KDE 3.4 is packaged, built into the repository, and ready to go. (Or at least should be at the time of this entry.) Lots of bugfixes are included in this new release, so if you’re still running KDE 3.3.x you should download and try it out.

The job hunt continues, although I’ve yet to recieve any callbacks from any of the places I’ve applied. Hopefully something will pan out soon.

In the immediate future, I think I’ll focus on clearing up the applications menu, by making sure the entries in /usr/share/applications are all meaningful, and see about setting up KDE to only show it’s application menus, and not those entries which should really show up only under GNOME, like the screensaver icon. (Should be possible, requires more research.) I’d also like to fix GNOME to only show GNOME icon themes, and KDE vice-versa. Basically, get the menus and themes working together nicely.

Next on the todo list is further investigating init scripts. I’m highly interested in developing a parrallel, dependency based, init system, preferably with a graphical touch added in, but this is less urgent on the priority list.

Finally got my own weblog

This time I’m doing things right, that means among other things, using real software to do the webloging thing. I started this mostly to appease several people that would like to see how I’m doing from time to time. Also, I’ve started this so people can keep tabs on my work on Specifix Linux, specifically the state of the KDE packages – my nemesis!

So, what have I been up to you ask? First, trying to get a new job. I desperately need one that lets me work more than 10 hours a week. Even a second job that let’s me work a couple hours a week would be great right now. As I’m sure most college students know, things can get very hairy when you’re going to school, trying to maintain a car, etc…

In other news, I got a puppy! He’s more than a little active. He’s a beagle and everyone that has met him thinks he’s cute as a button.

Other things: I’m working on yet another SCons tutorial, and polishing up several SDL tutorials, and checking them all for errors. So keep your eyes pealed.

12/12/2001 Entry

Yet another day of mindless distro hacking. QT 3.0.1 was released today. Nifty. So far, LSB progressions have been pretty good, and QT 3.0.1 compiled without a hitch. Given the current status of KDE development, I’m going to start migrating all the packages to KDE-3. Now, the good news: the major portions of the base redo are done. This means that another beta is getting a lot closer.


Sometime past 11:00

DO NOT EAT AT MCDONALD’S. They are the Satan of this world. Part of the great head of evil. Yes fokes, today I have experienced the wonders of the Big XTra, little did I know that the Extra was a wonderful bit of food poisoning. Having had all sorts of nasty stuff in the past, I think that this is the worst I have ever felt, in my life ever. There is no escaping from the pain that is the golden arches – in either end. Now, excuse me as I puke up my guts, again.