4/3/2002 Entry

Finished site updates today. Now that I’ve finished some site updates, managign this place will hopefully be a lot easier. Meaning, more news updates. More tutorials. More distro stuff getting done. I’m now using CSS, among other other things – and, things are still optimized for lynx. Hehe.

I’ve started some work on perlizing this site. And I’m getting another few tutorials finished up. Stay tuned.

12/11/2001 Entry

Redid this page today. I’ve kept it optimized for us Lynx friends, so don’t complain to me about the lack of pretty graphics, crappy banner ads, and overuse of images. Before this page was a minimal mirror of golgotha source code, textures, music, and not much else. I’ll be posting relevant public updates to the distribution stuff I’m working on here. (Status and such) If you’d like to help – give me a line, my mail is at the bottom of this page. Any major distribution developments that I’m responsible for, and are public info will be posted here. 🙂